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Celebrating a Bris

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

There’s nothing more special than sharing the sheer joy of bringing a baby boy into the world. We had the pleasure of celebrating Reuven on his special day, his Bris. At Lovely Events NYC one of our greatest joys in NYC is creating special celebrations for the new babies that come into the world.

Reuven’s Bris was held at the beautiful Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in NYC. The atmosphere, décor, and feelings throughout the room were just amazing. Everyone in attendance celebrated Reuven’s ceremony and then enjoyed incredible food and drinks to celebrate this new little boy’s life. The room itself had a feeling of elegance and excitement. Our planning, décor, and vendor choices completed the party – making it a beautiful, successful, and memorable event for everyone in attendance.

The buffet table was set with the most scrumptious foods that you can find, all elegantly catered by Foremost Caters, an amazing kosher caterer in NYC.

The color scheme for the Bris was blue and white – what better colors to celebrate a new baby boy? The crisp colors spoke volumes in the beautiful room filled with love, laughter, food, and the decor. Each table had a different centerpiece that brought a look of elegance and grandeur to the room. In addition to the beautiful centerpieces, each guest also received an airplane at their seat – each one different from the other. This added to the décor, theme, and fun at the celebration of the new baby boy.

As guests entered the room, they were greeted with elegant tables for the guests, a luxurious buffet table, and amazing, yet elegant decorations that symbolized the life of a new baby boy.

Of course, no party is complete without a sweets table. As guests wandered over to the beautiful table, they were greeted by a balloon arch. On our sweet table you could find some cupcakes, cake pops, candies, and Personalized cookies with Reuben's name on it. It was certainly beautiful to admire, and of course, delicious to eat.

Pictures by Nitzan Kenyan

Thank you so much for choosing Lovely Events NYC for your event.

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