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Cool Summer Ice Cream Party!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Our lovely summer started with a beautiful first birthday party we did for sweet Vivienne! The party took place in Soho in the beautiful building where the family lives. We had an outdoor and indoor space to work with; inside we placed a playground for the kids that later converted to be a performing space for the musician. We also had a beautiful kids table, adults food station (who we decorated with white balloons and small colorful balloons that like sprinkles).

The outdoor space had a kid's activity table and three carts with savory pretzels, Rosé wine, and beautiful and delicious donuts from the Donut Pub. We continued the same décor from the inside and embellished the carts with balloons.

We want to thank Victoria, Vivienne's mom who chose us to create this Lovely event!

Food: Whitman's NYC

Sweets: Juliana's Sugar Shop

Photos: Nitzan Keynan

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