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Industrial city studio space turned into a magical garden!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Sometime in June, we were contacted by a client who wanted a us to produce a 1st birthday party for her sweet baby girl. She wanted a theme that is unique and girly, and because August in NYC is known to be extremely hot and humid it had to be indoors. We brain-stormed together for a theme that will incorporate all the elements she loved and so, we finally decided on an enchanted garden tea party. Our client booked a beautiful NYC studio meant for events. The space was like a blanc canvas but because of its industrial fell we had to really think of how we bring all the beautiful garden elements indoors, softening the space.

The big size of the space allowed us to create different stations, a small playground and another area for the entertainer. Breaking a space into sections allows movement, mingling and prevents overcrowding in the food/drink areas.

The center table was the sweet table that had all the elements of the garden- cute little tea cups, floral decorated china plates, delicious pastries and sweets and beautiful cake.

Check out our gallery on the website or Instagram for more pictures from this beautiful event!

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