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New Beginnings

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It's our first blog post and we're truly excited! We can't wait to share with you all the beautiful parties we produce and the stories behind them.

We dedicate this first post to an engagement party we designed last week. The party was held in a beautiful house that belongs to the family. The couple wanted kosher food and a romantic and neutral design for the sweet table and the main room with some touches of balloons and lots of Champagne.

We divided the space into three main area so guests will be able to move around the stations, enjoy the amazing food, mingle and celebrate with the couple.

We created one big sweet table, white color sweets and metallic colors like copper and gold to make it look regal yet clean and designated a corner for the guests to grab a glass of Champagne before they go out to the pool area. We incorporated pictures and pieces of the couple to make it feel more personal and romantic.

We placed some high top tables with white covers and filled the pool with balloons in white and copper to tie it all up. Alon, our dear dear friend from Muscat Glatt catering made an amazing glatt kosher food. By the pool he set a mezze station with small bites of fresh salads, kibbeh, stuffed grape leaves, pita and the best of the Sephardic cuisine. Inside we had two sushi chefs making sushi to order using fresh fish and quality ingredients.

Raise your glass, for new beginnings!

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