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Welcome to this World Baby Boy!

When a new baby comes to this world, every culture has its own way to celebrate. This time we made a beautiful party for sweet baby Allen- kosher style!

Allen had a special crest that was designed just for him. We took the elements from the crest and based the design upon it.

The crest featured sweet baby animals with jungle greenery. The sweets on the sweet table had animal prints, the crest image and vibrant blue baby themed sugar cookies. We used gold and white as background colors along with some wood elements to warm up the vibrant blue and green on the sweet table. We placed the beautiful crest on a bushy backdrop and created a beautiful half balloon arch to fill up the space. The table was decorated with flowers along with sweet animals big and small, tropical leaves and decorated display items.

We chose blue table cloths embossed with leaves- the same vibrant blue from the sweet table. On each plate we placed a print of baby Allen's crest and a big center piece of flowers on the same color pallet (yellow, white, blue, and greens) toy animals and some more gold elements.

The beautiful and oh so delicious kosher food was provided as always by Muscat Caterers!

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